'The Evan Bray Show' Launch Video

Tandem X Visuals recently undertook a significant project for Rawlco Radio.
This case study highlights the process and success of the video production intended to introduce Evan Bray as "The New Voice of Saskatchewan," following John Gormley's departure from News Talk 650 CKOM and 980 CJME.

'The Evan Bray Show' Launch Video

January 22, 2024

The Purpose


The primary goal was to seamlessly transition the iconic role from John Gormley to Evan Bray. The challenge was honoring John Gormley's 25-year legacy while effectively establishing Evan Bray, known primarily as Regina's Chief of Police, in this new and significant role.

To achieve this, it was imperative to create a narrative that not only paid tribute to John Gormley but also unveiled the multifaceted persona of Evan Bray. The video aimed to provide a comprehensive background of Bray, emphasizing his vision for Saskatchewan's future and his capacity to foster community discussions and opinions.




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The Plan


Tandem X Visuals adopted a meticulous approach, conducting in-depth interviews with a range of notable figures, including former Premier Brad Wall, Assistant Commissioner RCMP Rhonda Blackmore, John Gormley himself, and members of Evan Bray's family.

This diverse array of perspectives was crucial in painting a complete picture of Bray's character and his capabilities as a leader and communicator.

Creative Direction:
The team focused on high-quality production values, combining intimate interview settings with content from the past. This blend of both new and old helped to preserve John's legacy while also introducing Evan as the new voice of Saskatchewan.

The Results


The video was a resounding success, receiving standing ovations at prestigious events in Regina and Saskatoon. It was lauded by dignitaries, high-profile community members, business owners, and the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan.

Social media played a significant role in amplifying the video's reach. It was shared by over 1,000 individuals, accruing more than 50,000 views across Facebook and Instagram. This widespread engagement underscored the video's compelling narrative and production quality.

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