CWA 2023 - Promotional and Event Coverage Videos

Tandem X Visuals skillfully captured and showcased the excitement of the Canadian Western Agribition through an engaging promotional video and daily recap videos, enhancing the event's reach and impact by delivering timely, high-quality visual content.

CWA 2023 - Promotional and Event Coverage Videos

January 25, 2024


Canadian Western Agribition (CWA), the largest livestock show in Canada, presents a unique blend of agriculture, Indigenous culture, and live entertainment, attracting over 1,200 international guests from over 63 countries. The challenge was capturing the extensive array of activities and the essence of Agribition with limited resources.


Tandem X Visuals partnered closely with Agribition’s marketing team, aligning our visual storytelling with the event's core principles and goals.

Our approach included:


Pre-Event Promotion:

We kickstarted the excitement with a fun and engaging promo video featuring an Alpaca at Regina International Airport, signalling the start of Agribition.


Daily Recap Videos:

Our team was on the ground, capturing the daily highlights and delivering recap videos within 12 hours, ensuring the excitement was shared in almost real time.


AGRIBITION - Alpaca - v9-poster (2)




The project demanded a blend of creativity, agility, and technical expertise. 

This meant that we needed to collaborate with the Agribition team to understand the vision and the intricate details of the event.

As well as deliver high-quality, engaging content that resonates with their audience and honours the essence of the Canadian Western Agribition.


Creative Direction:
For the event recap videos, we knew that people and animals were the core of this event. Blending both human emotion and the draw of live animals was our focus. 

For the promotional video, we wanted something out of the box that also reminded the people of Regina about the upcoming show. So filming an alpaca in the YQR Airport was a perfect fit. 



Tandem X Visuals' involvement brought about remarkable results:

  • The promo and daily recap videos significantly amplified the event's excitement and engagement.

  • The videos received overwhelming positive feedback, effectively capturing the spirit and energy of Agribition.


Although we can't take full credit for the increase in attendance we think it is important to highlight. 19% more people attended the show in 2023 compared to 2022. Totalling 142,807 people.


How we got the shots