Labour Day Classic Promotional Skit

The Saskatchewan Roughriders Labour Day Classic game is one of the most popular and important home games of the season. To help promote the upcoming game and get people in seats, the Riders were looking for a fun, unique, and engaging video that people wouldn’t expect to see on social media.

Labour Day Classic Promotional Skit

January 22, 2024

The Plan


With the objective of the video from the Riders being to raise awareness of the upcoming game, we knew we needed to create a video that grabbed attention online.

"During one of my meetings with the Tandem crew we brainstormed a couple ideas for upcoming projects when the brief idea about a skit involving watermelons came up. That’s where I left it and the crew at Tandem came up with a hilarious concept involving our CEO Craig Reynolds buying out all the watermelons to avoid people smashing them, which spun from when members of the TSN panel were seen on TV smashing watermelons in BC during one of our games a few weeks earlier."




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The Plan


Tandem X Visuals adopted a meticulous approach, conducting in-depth interviews with a range of notable figures, including former Premier Brad Wall, Assistant Commissioner RCMP Rhonda Blackmore, John Gormley himself, and members of Evan Bray's family.

This diverse array of perspectives was crucial in painting a complete picture of Bray's character and his capabilities as a leader and communicator.

Creative Direction:
The team focused on high-quality production values, combining intimate interview settings with content from the past. This blend of both new and old helped to preserve John's legacy while also introducing Evan as the new voice of Saskatchewan.

The Results


"We posted the video in the lead up to the Labour Day Classic to get fans even more excited about one of our biggest games of the year and it quickly became one of our most viewed and engaged with videos of the season."

The video was discussed on local radio shows and even made its way onto TSN during the start of the Labour Day Classic game.
The video received over 28,000 views on Facebook and 63,000 on Instagram.

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Screen Shot 2023-10-28 at 5.14.23 PM