Helping FHQ Showcase Their Team

FHQ Developments was seeking to amplify their online presence and engaged Tandem X to meticulously create a collection of professional employee feature videos and corresponding headshots. These new visual assets were specifically crafted for FHQ's social media channels and website, helping to boost their corporate identity and inviting a deeper connection with their audience.

FHQ - Employee Feature Project


Photo/Video Editor:

Production Assistant:

Wyatt Heiberg

Johan Torino

Violeta Haiduchok

FHQ Developments

Regina, SK

August 23, 2023


Video Production






Voice Over

“The employee feature project for FHQ Developments aimed to capture the essence of the organization's dedication to building sustainable wealth for Indigenous communities. Through headshots and engaging social videos, the project showcased the diverse team, highlighting their names, roles, and respective Indigenous nations.

Employees shared their personal experiences, values, and how these aligned with FHQ Developments' mission, fostering a sense of unity and purpose. Furthermore, by describing the positive impact of FHQ Developments on the community, the project underscored the organization's meaningful contributions and solidified its commitment to creating a lasting, positive change for Indigenous communities.” - Justine Stilborn

The Plan

To ensure FHQ Developments received the best possible piece of content for the allocated budget, our teams decided that shooting both the corporate headshots and interviews in the same location was best. Doing so gave their new content a clean and professional look across both their social media channels and website.

The Result

Besides giving their brand a new professional look and feel, the content was able to answer questions about their company that people may have had. Furthermore, their audience got to know their employees on a more personal level.


Tandem X Visuals empowered FHQ Developments to showcase our professionalism and forward thinking, a crucial endeavor as Indigenous leaders often need to work doubly hard to prove their excellence in the business world.

Justine Stilborn

Communications Marketing Specialist